Discover the feeling of meeting your baby before he or she is born

Now possible with 5D Ultrasound

5D Ultrasound Madrid

5D ultrasound allows you to see the baby in the womb in five dimensions, achieving a much more defined and realistic reconstruction of the foetus than 4D or 3D.

5D Ultrasound Prices

Eco 5D Standard

  • Viewing, creation and subsequent printing and personal delivery of Fetal Images

Eco 5D Advanced

  • Visualisation, creation and subsequent printing and personal delivery of Foetal Images + Advanced Foetal Malformation Study

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5D Ultrasound Madrid

The new generation of high-resolution ultrasound scanners improves diagnostic capability and detection of foetal malformations.

The baby can be seen moving, for example, sucking its thumb, moving its hand or closing its eyes.

The video and digital photos immediately and you can also choose two of them to receive them printed.

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Frequently asked questions laser hair removal

Most clients will achieve hair reduction of up to 80 % with the recommended course and complementary treatments as long as the interval is maintained.

If you add up the amount you spend on razors or bikini waxing courses in your lifetime, it could be worth £93-£300 per session for laser hair removal. So consider laser hair removal as a beauty investment. Always choose a clinic that provides state-of-the-art lasers and treatment is carried out by a trained technician to avoid burning or scarring of the skin.

Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicles in the target area. The skin reacts to this, and typically people experience irritation and redness in the treated area. After treatment, the skin may be tender and tingly or there may be slight swelling. However, these side effects are temporary.

Generally, 8 sessions will give you up to 80% of hair growth reduction, this depends mainly on the area. For example, the lower legs generally require 8 sessions, while the face requires 16 to 30 and sometimes more. All areas need top-up sessions to complete the areas.

When you have completed your voucher of sessions, you can book a free review so we can help guide you on how many more sessions you will need in each area and the frequency of updates. You won't keep the result if you don't do the booster sessions at the end!

There may be some mild discomfort during laser hair removal treatment, but it is often described as having a rubber band stuck to the skin.

The heat only hits the hair, not all of the skin like waxing does, so most clients find laser much less painful and quicker per session than waxing - as we destroy more hair it becomes less painful!

Yes, laser hair removal is suitable for darker skin. We use the ND:Yag laser for Asian and black skin. This laser penetrates deeper than most lasers, without reaching the upper layers of the skin where the skin pigment is located, therefore it is one of the safest lasers on the market for laser hair removal and the side effects are very low.

Each area may vary depending on the part of the body you plan to treat. For example, underarms may take 10 minutes, half arms or lower legs 20 minutes, full back and shoulders 45 minutes and full body, which may take 2 hours.

Immediately after a laser treatment, the hair is still inside the follicles and then, over the course of about 2 weeks, the hairs push out the follicles as if they are still growing, but then shed the follicles completely.

If the hair continues to grow after your recommended package, you will need to follow up with complementary treatments to further weaken the hair roots and the environment that makes it grow. Laser hair removal is not always 100 %, not everything is gone forever, so touch-ups are recommended for the finest hairs that remain.

To respond to this, you will need to book a free review after completing your course. The best time to book your review is 12 weeks after the final session on the body or 6 weeks on the face.

Most clients are aware from the consultation that the upper body has more hair follicles, so it is generally best to start the second course of laser on the upper body/face immediately after the first course is completed for optimal results.

Yes, of course, on the body! On the face, we ask that you leave the area between sessions so that we can closely monitor progress for you and use the best settings, as hair can become very light and thin very quickly. The body is fine to shave if you see any growth.

In some cases, we ask clients not to shave a particular area so that we can see where the specific hair growth is. We would then shave it off in the clinic, but in most cases, we require all clients to completely shave the area to be treated, as the laser needs to fully focus its energy directly through the hair follicles and also needs to impact the hair bulb. If the hair is on the surface of the skin, it is not appropriate to treat on that unshaven hair as it is less effective, more risky to the skin and will be much more painful for the client.

Do not use sunbeds if you are having laser hair removal as it can drastically increase the chances of side effects! Fake tanner can be used up to 3 weeks before your next session, but it must all be removed or we will have to reschedule your appointment. If you tan in the sun, you will need to exfoliate the skin you are treating and reschedule a skin test.

We will not treat sun tanned skin. You should be at your natural skin tone for each session. If you tan easily, you should take extra care as it may affect the frequency of your treatments and therefore your results.

As mentioned above, laser hair removal permanently reduces hair by up to 80 %, the truth is that it is more affordable than long term waxing; hair removal is. At Clinica MBA, we have competitive prices, we also do regular discounts, or you can split the cost into twelve monthly instalments with our financing option at 0%.

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