Mejora tu circulación y elimina líquidos

Descubre la presoterapia en Madrid

Tratamiento de presoterapia para eliminar la retención de líquidos
Tratamiento de presoterapia para eliminar la retención de líquidos

Mejora tu circulación y elimina líquidos

Descubre la presoterapia en Madrid

What is pressotherapy

Pressure therapy consists of a non-invasive technique which drains the body by means of a pneumatic suit. The pressure therapy suit applies a strategic pressure in the areas to be treated, favouring lymphatic drainage. Pressure therapy is applied to the legs and abdomen.. Thanks to the pneumatic suit, the following are applied air pressures on the areas to be treated performing a compression and decompression massage on the tissues to be treated. In this way, circulation is promoted, eliminating liquids and improving the appearance of the skin.

What is pressotherapy for?

Acaba con la sensación de piernas cansadas gracias a la presoterapia

Pressure therapy can be performed on the whole body. One of its most common applications is on the legs. In this case, pressotherapy serves as a pleasant massage to eliminate liquids, improve circulation and achieve rested legs. Pressure therapy is used to drain liquids and promote circulation in the legs, with a pleasant massage it eliminates liquids, improves circulation and achieves rested legs. It is designed for eliminate retained fluids in a non-invasive and progressive way. In this case, pressotherapy visibly improves the skin by promoting circulation and oxygenationthanks to the lymphatic drainage.

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80 Precio bono 5 sesiones
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Frequently asked questions about Pressotherapy

From the first pressotherapy session you will start to eliminate liquids and you will be able to enjoy more rested legs.

The number of pressotherapy sessions required to complete the treatment varies according to the needs of each person.

As with all aesthetic treatments, the results obtained are stable over time but will require maintenance sessions in order not to lose the objective achieved. After completing the treatment, our specialist team will tell you when it will be necessary to have maintenance sessions.

Normally, we perform one pressotherapy session per week. However, if the case allows, up to 2 sessions per week can be carried out.

No, as it is a non-invasive treatment, pressotherapy has no side effects.

Es recomendable que después de cada sesión de presoterapia, evites alimentos con una gran cantidad de sal o que fomenten la retención de líquidos. Así mismo, te recomendamos beber mucha agua y hacer ejercicio.

No, dado que existen ciertas situaciones o personas que imposibilitan el desarrollo de este tratamiento. En concreto:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Patients with heart problems, pacemakers or thrombosis.
  • People with internal or external infections and/or cancer undergoing chemotherapy.

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